The Ritual (2018)

"My old scoutmaster used to say 'If the shortcut was a shortcut, it wouldn't be called a shortcut, it would be called a route'."

Director: David Bruckner

Cinematographer:  Andrew Shulkind

  • Camera:  Canon EOS C300 Mark II, Vantage One Lenses
    Canon EOS C700, Vantage One Lenses
  • Aspect Ratio: 2.00 : 1

     The ritual is a great film. Watched it with my girlfriend and was not expecting it to be as good as it is. (No Spoilers) The film starts off pretty slow but it is really important to be paying attention as things from the beginning matter throughout the whole film. The film follows (4) Friends who go on a hiking trip in Sweden for (no spoilers) a specific reason. They end up getting lost on the trip in the woods of Sweden, and thats where the real stuff in this film happens. That is all I want to say about the plot as I think the plot and the actors were really good. The actors feel like real life friends and you never question the dynamic between them. The cinematography for this film is actually stunning, as there is a lot of landscape photography. The film is filmed in Romania and not actually in Sweden. The deeper the film gets the deeper the visuals get and I love that, because it comes as a surprise and you go "wow that looks amazing". I think the Cinematography done by Andrew Shulkind and the VFX in the movie are actually done really well. I personally love the ritual and would say please go watch it if you are into horror/ thriller movies. This movie will for sure have you holding on to someone or something. This movie came out of no where for me and I love movies like that. I didn't watch a trailer (well not all of it). We just grabbed it and watched it and it was great. No expectations, just watching it cause it looked interesting enough to try. So again I say go watch it, and watch it at night.