Featured Page

Hello, welcome to my featured page. Here is where I am showcasing some of my projects I want you to check out!


My Filmmaking Reel

This is my reel over the years of making films during both High school and College.


RIFT - Short Film

Two sons find out the reason why their father has been missing for years.

Captive has won the Long Form Film Category at the New England NATAS 2017 by: Kyle Fisk

Captive - Short Film (Award Winning)

A young man assumes a stranger is going to help him, next thing he knows he wakes up in the strangers basement with 3 other captives.

The Flection - Short Film

The Flection is a creature that hit New England three years ago. Three years later he is brought into the light again. Will is in the same situation that he was in three years prior.

Newport Cliff walk -

Chapter one of cinematic Shorts

The Newport Cliff Walk located in Rhode Island is destination for my first cinematic styled vlog or video diary. This is a candid focus on our adventures during the cliff walk.

Good will hunting -

Chapter Two of cinematic Shorts

We are young and often times we think why life isn't happening the way we want it to. We work hard and put in our efforts but we still reach no where in terms of our goals. The truth is that we probably shouldn't reach our goals yet.

Authentic Memories -

Chapter Three of cinematic Shorts

We went back to fort Wetherhill and once again it was a good time. The more of us that go here the more fun it is. It is kind of a giant playground. This short focuses on authentic memories and that is what we are creating.

A Godless Mess -

Chapter four of cinematic Shorts

A Godless mess goes over the theory of everything. Wether the universe was created by a creator or it was made by physics. Some like to think it was both.

i’ll Never be enough -

Chapter five of cinematic Shorts

In this chapter we go over something that we all deal with in terms of our egos. It is a never ending battle of wanting to do things bigger than ourselves. Wanting to leave a mark on a world we are apart of for a little moment in its time.

The Fear of Death -

Chapter Six of cinematic Shorts

Alan goes into the topic of death and often times fear and anxiety can be brought up when the topic of death is discussed. We are afraid of things we do not know. We truly do not understand death. As much as we truly don't understand the interworking of the universe.