Featured Page

Hello, welcome to my featured page. Here is where I am showcasing some of my projects I want you to check out!


My Filmmaking Reel

This is my reel over the years of making films during both High school and College.


RIFT - Short Film

Two sons find out the reason why their father has been missing for years.

Captive has won the Long Form Film Category at the New England NATAS 2017 by: Kyle Fisk

Captive - Short Film (Award Winning)

A young man assumes a stranger is going to help him, next thing he knows he wakes up in the strangers basement with 3 other captives.

The Flection - Short Film

The Flection is a creature that hit New England three years ago. Three years later he is brought into the light again. Will is in the same situation that he was in three years prior.