Good Will Hunting | Chapter Two of Cinematic Shorts

Chapter Two

Good Will Hunting...

We are young and often times we think why life isn't happening the way we want it to. We work hard and put in our efforts but we still reach no where in terms of our goals.

Newport Cliff Walk | Chapter One Of The Cinematic Shorts

The Newport Cliff Walk located in Rhode Island is destination for my first cinematic styled vlog or video diary. This is a candid focus on our adventures during the cliff walk.

The Flection - Thriller Short Film

“The Flection can’t hurt me because I am a twin . A normal person looks at these photos and sees themself. I can’t see myself because I am a twin. I already have someone in this world that reflects me”.

the flection poster.jpg
The Flection is a creature that hit New England three years ago. Three years later he is brought into the light again. Will is in the same situation that he was in three years prior. This film is based on the award winning short film FORWARDED , also on my channel.

Rift - Short Film

“What if this is the way we get our dad back?”

  • Directed : Greg Stewart and Kyle Fisk

  • Cinematography : Kyle Fisk

  • Editing and VFX : Greg Stewart

This film is student made and does not profit from anyone watching.

Directed By : Greg Stewart and Kyle Fisk

Edited By: Greg Stewart:

Screenplay by: Kyle Fisk

Cinematography by: Kyle Fisk

Staring : Logan Lamborn and Nick Harvey

Foley by: Ken Moden

Drone photography: Jacky Keoduangsy

VFX by: Greg Stewart

PA: Kevin Fisk