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I am a filmmaker, photographer and editor. As a filmmaker I can do videography for brands and corporations along side with cinematography for short films, documentaries and music videos. As a photographer I can do what ever it is you need. I can shoot portraits, candids, events, maternity, engagement, studio and other professional photography. I also edit my photos using Photoshop or Lightroom. As an editor I can edit the videos I produce as I can edit everything from video, audio and graphics. I have edited short films, vlogs, corporate videos, music videos and other projects. I am easy to work with and I will do anything to ensure you get what you need.



  • Photography: $250 dollars for both photos and edits. $200 for a full photo shoot without edits (roughly around 100 photos) This can include maternity photos, engagement photos, ect.

  • Small Photoshoot: Only looking for a few portrait shots? $60 dollars for a few high quality photos and the edits (around 10-15 photos) This can include added studio lights if wanted or needed. What ever you want!

  • Videography / Cinematography: This can fluctuate depending on the project but standard rate is $25 an hour (setting up and breaking down is not accounted for). I will not work more than 8 hours on a given shoot day. For really simple videos I can do $15 an hour (referring to one location vlog style or youtube videos)

  • Wedding Videography: For weddings This will need discussing so feel free to contact me.

  • Music Video Cinematography: I get asked to do music videos frequently and I love doing them. If not too complicated standard rate of $30 an hour is still applicable. If we want multiple complicated scenes and different lighting setups then that can change the price point.

  • Video Editing: I typically edit all of the work I create, and the price can depend on the project. Editing can take anywhere from one to multiple days. For small scale vlog videos I will do $50 a video. Music videos (3-5 minutes) I typically charge $300 or more for the video. For Weddings I will do $300 dollars for the edit.

  • Music and licensing: Music and sounds are things that can get confusing relatively quickly for a client. If you are a corporate or a brand you have to follow the laws of licensing and usage. I will work with companies to figure out this issue. Youtube videos are the same way, I will work with you to figure it out. For private or noncommercial use videos, music is less of an issue.

  • Travel Fees: If I have to travel over an hour to a location I would like to be reimbursed for traveling. (typically this is not an issue)


Who I Have Worked With

I have worked with dozens of clients for photography and video production.


  • Portraits, Candids, Child / Family Shoots, Maternity shoots, Newborn Baby Shoots and Studio Photography.

Music Videos:

  • I have worked with clients like Grizzy ( RnB Artist)


  • I am currently working with companies like Here To There Wellness and Viva Luxuriant. I have done videography for creators such as Tyler Nichols and 7au. I have shot an Interview for Boxer Anthony Marsella. I also shot for Newport Lifestyle and Living, covering the Newport Boat Show

Short Films:

  • I have created numerous award winning short films and commercials. I continue to write and produce short films with many other filmmakers and actors.

Video Editing:

  • I currently edit for Here To There Wellness and Viva Luxuriant. I also edited for companies like American Towers.

Wedding Videography:

  • I currently shoot for Micheal J. Larson Photography and Films. I have shot Multiple weddings.



  • M.o.v.e 2017 - 1st place Major Film

  • M.o.v.e 2017 - 3rd place Commercial

  • M.o.v.e 2016 - 1st place Short Film

  • M.o.v.e 2016 - 2nd place Major Film

  • Skills USA National Competitor - Digital Cinema

  • Skills USA MA STATE Champion 2017 - 1st place Digital Cinema

  • Skills USA MA Districts 2017 - 1st place Digital Cinema

  • Skills USA MA Districts 2016 - 3rd place Digital Cinema

  • Best Long form Film Award 2017 | NATAS New England chapter

  • Best Commercial Honors 2017 | NATAS New England chapter

  • Best Short Film Honors 2017 | NATAS New England chapter

  • Best Director honors 2016 | NATAS New England chapter

  • Best Music video honors 2016 | NATAS New England chapter

  • Certificate Of Recognition for my achievements from my Hometown 2017

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